Slippers, and some fun!

Here are some slippers I made my two girls.

Tonight I sat down with my three kids and explained that I need to make a purse for someone I’ve never met since I joined Swap Swap Gals. How fun! We went and looked at Caroline’s website to see what she likes and doesn’t like. Then we looked at some other crochet websites online. My kids love learning about other people. They think it’s neat that I’ll be getting a package from someone I’ve never met! And I told them that we can pray for Caroline while I make her purse. They think that’s a lot of fun.

We need the fun after this week. It’s been a hard one, with my husband losing a job, my finding out I need to work more, and our car getting broken into. I am thankful to God for our family and friends. And for my crochet…I can sit down with a project or two, and forget about some of our difficulties. I am eager to start working on the purse.

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  1. That is so nice you sharing with your kids about the swap. It is cool to receive and give to someone you never meet. I like it myself to make something for someone and send it off to a lovely lady. I also love to get a gift that someone then put there heart and love into. My kids said, one day mom you always get big boxes in the mail lol. 🙂 Sorry about the bad things that happen and like you said, thanks god to everything else that you and your family is all safe and sooner your hubby will be working again. 🙂 Take care. Oh again glad you join us ladies on the Swap Swap Gals I will totally be checking out your blog once in awhile.:)

  2. It was so nice hearing about how you and your kids talked about and prayed for me. What a blessing! These past 2 weeks have been hard on us and it looks like you’ve got your burdens too. I’ll keep you and yours in my prayers.

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