(No pics with this post, as the purse is a gift and I don’t want to ruin the surprise).

I made my first purse, and now I’m thinking I really need to learn how to sew! I love purses. I love crocheting. But clearly, a crocheted purse needs a lining. With lots and lots of pockets. In fun fabric. I must learn how to sew! I keep thinking of all the purses I could make…all the gifts I could give…all the colors and textures and fabrics I could use. I’m thinking of large purses and small (but not too small…I don’t really like small purses!) Stay tuned for this unfolding saga…perhaps, sometime in the next month or two, I’ll learn how to sew a purse lining. But until then, my purse will remain unlined (sorry, Caroline).

Here’s my question: Do you line your purses?

If so, how do you do this? What’s harder, crocheting the purse, or making the lining?

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  1. Hi Bennance! I do line my purses and like to use my sewing machine. I think crocheting the purse is easier than the lining, sorry! lol You could do it by hand or by machine. But you need a good machine, I think, so you don’t get frustrated. I love my machine. I even did a whole post about it on my blog. Good luck and let me know if I could help you out at all!


  2. Speaking of purses…..

    Hi Bennance!

    You are my partner for the April Purse Swap. It’s in the works and I hope that you like it. You have some of the cutest crochet animals on your blog. I hope to learn how to crochet soon. I started out trying to teach myself how to knit a few months ago but I think I’ll do crochet first. I haven’t been sewing long but I just love it and I’m sure you will too. My machine is a Brother XL 2600i, nothing fancy. It was my first machine and it was very inexpensive and I’ve had it for almost 2 years.

    I’ll get your address from you soon.

  3. Hey. Well to answer your question. Well I have to say I don’t lining all my purses. Mainly if I am doing a double strand purse that is when I don’t line it. If I am doing a single strand and a lot of different stitches that is holey that’s when I use a lining. I also line with my sewing machine I have to say I love the finish with a lining a fabric plus sewing machine gives it more of a stable stitch then hand sewing. I dont due much hand sewing unless I have to. Good luck.:)

  4. Hi Bennance, I don’t have a sewing machine and hate sewing, but I hand sew lining into my purses. It takes me forever and isn’t as neat as I would like, but its worth it after its all done. I took out a book from the library that had some basic hand sewing tips and that helped show me how to do some knots and such.

  5. Hi Bennance, could you email me your full name and mailing address? I’ve completed the April swap for you and hope to mail it on Wednesday. Thanks!!!

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