Why my husband loves his GPS more than me…

Because of Ben’s brain damage, he can’t get anywhere without his GPS.  We are so thankful to God for this amazing technology. I don’t think Ben could function well without it.  If Ben doesn’t have his GPS, he invariably calls me on his cell phone and asks, “Where’s Costco?” or, “how do I get home from Trader Joe’s?”  So actually I thank God for GPSs (is there a plural for GPS?) and cell phones, both which make Ben’s life not only better, but immeasurably easier.

Ben got his first GPS three years ago after it was clear that he couldn’t drive to and from work without getting lost.  Our Care Group from church bought it for him.  It was a Garmin, and was stolen out of his car when he parked in the city a few months ago.  We replaced it immediately (the next day, actually; I’m not kidding when I say that he relies on it almost as much as he relies on me!) with another Garmin.  For years he has called  it “Mrs. Garmin,” and he often speaks lovingly of the disembodied voice in his car who unfailingly and uncomplainingly helps him get where he needs to go.

So today I’m posting my first Top Ten list:

Top Ten Reasons why my Husband Loves Mrs. Garmin More than He Loves Me

10. She always speaks in a kind and measured tone of voice

9. She tells him what to do but doesn’t try to micromanage how he does it

8. She never gets angry when he doesn’t do what she says

7. She never starts her directions by saying, “I’ve told you this at least ten times before!”

6. She tells him what to do, but never asks him to do anything for her

5. She doesn’t get upset if he doesn’t remember her birthday

4. She doesn’t repeat herself more than necessary

3. She comes with an adjustable volume button

2. She never gets frustrated with him when he tunes her out

and, the number one reason why my husband loves his GPS more than he loves me:

1. She’s always right!

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  1. Very Cute! Glad I found your blog!

  2. cool

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