Weekly Menu

I’ve kind of given up on this blog.  I definitely enjoyed blogging, but find it takes too much of my time to constantly take pics of what I’m working on, and then post them.  Mostly, I was finding that blogging and reading blogs takes was taking up time I could be spending with my kids.  So I’m just going to maintain this blog for me…particularly to help me as I plan and organize my weekly meals.  It’s nice to keep a record, so I can look back if I don’t know what to make.  And, I’m sure I’ll still post pics of an occasional crochet project (or 3).  This month, I’ve made 3 shawls and a pair of really cool slippers.  And I’m getting ready to start on a sweater…my first one!

But first, here’s this week’s menu (really, last week’s):

Monday:  pizza

Tuesday:  grilled peach adobo bbq chicken, broccoli with feta cheese, grilled flatbread.

Wednesday:  meatball subs

Thursday:  big salad with leftover chicken

Friday:  Chicken enchiladas (campbell soup recipe)

Saturday:  grilled sausages, cornbread, broccoli, salad

Sunday:  pasta primavera

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Weekly Menu

We have family visiting this week, so I need to plan meals for 8.

Friday: Meatball subs

Saturday: Chicken with warm black bean salsa, broccoli, rice

Sunday: pasta primavera

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Steaks, corn on the cob, salad

Wednesday: nachos

Thursday: Big salad with leftover steak or taco meat

Friday: Fettucini alfredo

Saturday: Leftovers! Clean out fridge since we leave for Vermont on Sunday

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