3 Weeks of Meals

I decided to plan 3 weeks of meals using the food in my house.  My desire is to cut our monthly grocery bill.  I’ve stocked up so much, I can easily plan a 3 week menu around what we have in the house.  I’ll definitely need to restock fresh fruits and vegetables.  But other than that, I shouldn’t be spending much.  Then I hope to plan meals around the weekly specials at the grocery store, and really work on curtailing my spending.

So here is the 3 week plan:

Pizza (this is a standard Monday night meal).  We’ll have this 2 or three times.

Fish with broccoli and rice

Meatball Hoagies

Chicken with peach adobo sauce, veggies.  Corn bread.

Fettucini Alfredo (light)

Breaded chicken cutlets, corn bread, veggies.

Spinach and Mozarella Ravioli

Tuna Casserole

Ham steak with smashed potatoes and veggies

Thai chicken in coconut sauce over rice

spinach and feta quesadillas

Linguine amatriciana (with ham steak)

Breakfast for dinner!  Pancakes, eggs.

Mexican casserole

Cheeseburgers, fries, veggie.



Chicken with warm black bean salsa.  Corn bread.  Veggie.

Pasta with garlic bread crumbs and salad.

Of course, I’m supposed to bring a meal tomorrow to some friends who just adopted a baby.  So I may need to restock some basics like chicken breasts or ground chicken before the 3 weeks is up.  But I’m really trying to be more thoughtful and to plan around the food in my house.

I just finished crocheting a mermaid and a red elephant.  The twin girls next door turn 6 on Saturday, so I have to make another mermaid this week.  I’ll post photos soon!

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  1. Thanks for the knitting tips and links! I’m going to try those!

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