Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here’s my list of things I’m proud of that I did in 2008:

1.  I ran more weeks than I didn’t run.  Which is a huge deal, since I’ve never exercised regularly in my life.  And now, when I take a week (or more) off, I know that I can come back to running.  That I don’t have to stop FOREVER just because I’ve missed a few weeks.

2.  I crocheted.  A lot.  Made MANY gifts for loved ones and friends.  Used crochet as therapy, prayer, and relaxation.

3.  Learned to KNIT!   Woo-hoo.  I’ve already made 3 pair of fingerless gloves and 2 hats.  I’ve tried straight needles, circulars, and DPNs.  I plan to start my first sweater next week.

4.  Started (and then abandoned) this blog.

5.  Began a new job.  In October, I began a long-term job as a sixth grade English teacher.  I continue to work my other job (music administration and choir directing) at my church, and will continue to teach until the regular teacher is well enough to come back.

6.  Learned how to cook South Beach Diet style for my husband, who has now lost 21 pounds!  Great job, Ben.  I’m proud of you!

7.  Continued having devotions regularly, even when life was difficult.  Sought to draw close to God in the midst of trial and challenge.

8.  Watched my two oldest children begin to read the Bible on their own and develop their own relationships with God.

9.  Finally gotten into a great rhythm with the dog!  For the first year we had her, she continued to go to the bathroom in her crate if we left her for any length of time.  Finally, I got rid of the crate.  And she stopped pooping in the house.  Huge blessing!

10.  Turned 40.  That’s older than I ever imagined being.

I can’t even begin to predict what 2009 might hold.  But I know that God is walking with me every step I take on this strange journey.  My prayer is that I would trust Him more this year regardless of the circumstances.  I probably won’t blog again for another few months.  But I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  And I’ll check back here next New Year’s, to see what God has done.

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  1. Happy New Year! Good to hear from ya and that you haven’t stopped your love affair with fiber! Blees you and your family in 2009.

  2. Happy New Year! I’m glad everything’s been going great for you, and I hope you’ll have a great year ahead. I’m glad you continued devotions even in the hard times. I think that’s when I’ve found it to make me the happiest =)

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